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Not all that he is

I am the partner of a gambler,

I have been with my partner only 5 months, he has recently opened up to me about the seriousness of his gambling addiction, small things have come out over the past few months but never the full extent of his illness.

Many times i have wanted to run for the hills and out of his situation.
But as is your husband my partner also is a very loving, caring affectionate person, and i have decided i will stick by him no matter what because without me he has no support as all his family have disowned him due to his actions all stemming back to his illness.
He is 27 and suffered with this from being 17 and becoming a professional footballer he lost all that 4 years into his career all due to gambling.

I am very touched by your post and shed a few tears because we have had alot of heartache over his illness and your post gives me hope!

I feel i am gibbering on a little but this is alot to take in an all new to me an i have felt unsure of where to turn and i have found myself on this forum.

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