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It's messing with my mind
Hi Richard,
Firstly and I will begin firstly GA (gamblers Anonymous) is a Anonymous place. The reason It is anonymous is because most of us say "that was us before" we can only do this by joining the GA programme.

I stated this because of your Log in name...Not very anonymous but none the less.

For me it was not about borrowing or money lost, wow I did that weekly, not monthly.

The Car was on HP and I missed every payment, I think generally they were paid twice nearly 8 times a year, once for the missed payment and once for the correct payment.

Anyway That was then, that was just another most men and women that have changed or "seen the light"

Simple for me "i simply cannot gamble" I "must live just for today" however....

I know that when we go back to gambling as I have done this before we go so hard at this we dont realise till we hit a bottom again, a predicament.

You are me...I am you...we are CGs and my first step towards finding a cure was not only admission but realisation.

Go to a meeting, live just for today and pick your head up.


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