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wives and girlfriends of gamblers

i am writing this as over a year ago my partner of 9 years admitted to a gambling problem, and I think im finding it harder to move on than him. i cant look at our bank accounts without being suspicious and it sends me into a manic mode if i do look at them. i knew it was going on but was powerless to do anything until he realised there was no money left and his next step was to try and release money from the house. which he couldnt do without me so was forced to come out.

i dont feel i can move on from all the hurt and pain he put me through - he started gambling when i was pregnant with our son and it didnt stop until last year - it destroyed our relationship, as well as his with his sons. as soon as he told me we went to see a financial advisor and he went to 2 GA meetings but that was it. money is still an issue as hes been paying hundreds a month off of the debt and i still go without (and feel that he doesnt - he feels he does) but im finding it so hard to regain the trust. im unsure how to trust him again.

his relationship with our son is sooooooo much better, and our relationship has slowly been getting back on track. im worried im going to always live in fear that the gambling will start again.

looking for some support from some other wives/girlfriends or any advise how to move on from this

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