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Broken hearted partner
Dear Broken Hearted,

I am new to this site. I read your story and want you to know i felt compelled to tell you that you are not alone. My husband has been gambling for a good 12 yrs of our marriage of which i know. I am sick to my stomach that i am going down this road for the 5 th time. If it wasnt sports betting it was the horses, then fantasy football then the horses. My debt is insane. I cant even breathe every month. The lies and deceit is unimaginable and still blows my mind away. We begin to think "were have we been". Just recenctly after i caught him stealing from our account once again after not being responsible for our mortgage he left for the weekend knowing that i had enough. After her was gone for a weekend i began to see soo much clarity of my life - the endless cycle that keeps repeating over and over again!!!! The vacation trips that were ruined...The deceitfullness and lies that they tell you and look you in the eyes!!! They become mean and vicious and the reason is because they are projecting how they feel about themselves to you>> YOU ARE THE VICTIM!!!!!!!!!! I am still struggling --he is still here and i hate my life right now.. I am sick to my stomach. I have 3 kids and they have been the glue for soo long. Right know i go day by day is all i can say and i continue to pray. Today i saw a private counselor which was a step in the right direction for me - because remember you have to take care of YOU and your children. Please know you are not alone and that this is the first time i have ever opened up. I wanted to support you. Good luck!!!

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