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Hello spacekitty.

I am moved by your post. I understand the stress and anquish you are experiencing.

I too am a single mother. I too didnt pay my bills or my rent and did get evicted. I couldn´t understand how I could be such a horrible person, a mother and all, and sacrificing everything... I tried to stop so many times, and even after I did get evicted, when I got a new apartment for me and my daughter, I went back to gambling and almost got evicted again, twice. I have done so many other horrible things too. Emotional damage, to my child, my family, my friends and myself.

Through GA I have come to realise that I have an illness, I am a compulsive gambler. For me this doesn´t mean that I am not responsible for what I have done, on the contrary, but most of all I am responsible to take my medicine to be able to choose a new path in life. Or basically to choose life. Gambling to me is all about escaping from life. GA for me is my medicin.

Going to a meeting might not sound that urgent to you right now, but this is the easiest way for you to receive understanding, support and perhaps even hope. You are not alone!


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