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my 20yr old son is gambling and I want to help him
Although I concur with every bit of advice you gave to the lady about her son I feel I must come in on this.

More about the last sentance.

I have good Parents they both worked hard for me to grow up, but by the time I was 20 I was on my backside living rough or in digs, hitchhiking around the country, gambling to was my ilness.

I think it must be harder for Angel as she is a single parent and by the sounds of it is more likely to side with her son on everything or be a little "soft" as mums end to be (maternal instinct).

Problem here is a "battle of wills" Angel who obviously loves her son and her son who has a compulsive gambling disorder. Angel his gambling will take him wherever he wishes to go, it will destroy him but I am actually thankfull for my fathers "hard love".

Why? Because although I am now much older I am also now fully responsible for my own actions and therefor If I make misakes then its my own fault.

Its called growing up.

Growing up is also realisation about what is right and wrong in life.

I dont wish to scare you Angel but your Son is on the verge of A really really destructive 20s..

He needs to realise friends will slowly dissapear and all that will be left will be him, debt and misery.

He needs GA and if he doesnt go, then you dont support him, simple as.

One day he will thankyou for that and when he tells you he loves you he will mean this.

But it may take a while before he has no where else to turn but to GA.

I really really sympathise with you at this point but "tough love" is the only answer.

My name is Barrie and although I have had some slips in the last four or so years I have spend 99% of the time free from gambling and therefor improving.

God Granted me the serenity to accept that.

I wont become that person again ever even if I slip I soon realise its not my path.



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