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I Am sitting in my din gee flat cold broke.Trying not to gamble the last of my rent and food money.
i have lost my family. home all my savings,just two years ago i had it all.
But i still wont to gamble i am shaking with anxiety if i gamble i will loose i wont let my self win
i just keep playing no matter what.till its all gone.But still the little devil in my brain keeps nagging you can win you can be the one in million who really dos win big then you can get it all back your kids home.i would have never called my self am intelligent person but my god gambling has turned me in to a idiot who wont accept reality.but still i will play and i will lose.i tried GA the people were great but still this illness has in-grossed me totally.god help me because no one else can.
Sorry for ranting but i cant speak to any body about this.even my Besy friend GP.have all given up on me.
Let my storey be a warning to all who have not lost everything yet.

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