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Young Addict, Can't See An End.
I know how you feel Mate, story of my life when I gambled. There is hope and the program does work. Find a G.A. meeting and go along as soon as you can. Just turn up and walk in, you'll be welcomed. In the meantime, why not ask your Mum or someone you trust to look after your money while you get the help to recover from this disease. We all have to make decisions to change what doesn't work, you're brave enough to get this far, don't give up on it now, we didn't give up and life has turned around completely.

I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel. I couldn't even find the tunnel. If I can recover so can you. Make the right choice, you have the choice to beat this illness you said it yourself, if we do the same things we get the same outcome. Choose well my friend, your life is precious.

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