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Young Addict, Can't See An End.
Read your post!, first thing is and you may not know now but life can be a beautifull thing and place.

You dont know that now all you know is you have a problem and you dont know how to solve that problem.

Firstly and you may take my advice or not that is up to you.

If you were a good gambler you would win, you would not be in the strife your in and continue to be in, that strife will only get worse.

So we agree your not good at gambling neither am I so I dont do it!!

So what to do?

1) Its not about lying to your mum about the rent its about admission to others about where your money has been going, that sounds hard but honesty is the number one policy!

2) Its about saying do I really want the last 12 months of my life for the next.

3) Go to a GA meeting, maybe daunting at 20years old but it will be good for you.

I will leave you with one sentiment: Being a compulsive gambler is progressive in its distruction, it will keep on and on and eat further into your life.

Its time to nip it in the bud and enjoy some things you should do when your young.



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