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Telling family about CG and GA
Hey and thanks for the share...

When I first went to GA I thought "wow" there is no shame to tell anyone and everyone I am a Compulsive gambler and I rued that a little for the new found openness at the time.

Because I went round telling nearly everyone...I told my parents obviously and they were actually very "proud" of me as they are the ones you realise love YOU the most.

But I made some mistakes in that openness and also told my fiancee's (at the time) parents and they were only then going to judge...I know the secret conversation was "what is my daughter doing with a CG"....

It coupled with a few failures on the programme led them to push her to leave me...not that she wanted to as she knew 100% without this desease I am a "good man".

Anyway she did just that.

My friends stuck by me, but I was open about gambling and they knew when I was "at it" but it was very difficult to control on my own and get on the programme.

Now I believe differently...maybe I was a little young and just looking to answer my behaviour with a simple "oh its fine im a compulsive gambler"

Now everything in my world is different...I did what I needed to do day by day...I kept fighting urges and will continue to do so,...I will live by my means and live just for today.

All those who did judge me by my openess have no need to judge anymore as they can think what they want to think, its me who realised, its me who is living by my rules (programme) and they can look and say "oh him" but I know and thats what is important "I know" my parents love me, I know I have changed.

Thats all that matters.

If you need support sometimes its difficult from those who are not CGs as they do not understand what we need.

Just concentrate on your meetings and staying free from gambling thats all that you should need.



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