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Compulsive Gambling is Like........
....Everybody sits in their own individual car on top of a hill on a road that runs down to a cliff. None of the cars have engines....but most of the cars do have handbrakes that work, However in the cars belonging to Compulsive Gamblers, the handbrakes don't work.

While most people can simply apply the handbrake and enjoy life, we Compulsive Gamblers have to remember to keep our foot on the brake pedal to stop us heading for the edge of a cliff. No matter where, on the road down to the cliff, we end up putting our foot on the brake, our lives can be as good in many ways as those who sit in cars with their handbrakes on on top of the hill. Maybe we don't have the same quality of view over the surrounding area, but a view isn't everything anyway.

It can be a temptation to try and take the foot off the brake in an attempt to get the car to go back up the hill. But cars on a hill without engines and brakes applied will generally only go one way. Some of us will have passengers with us. For some of us the passengers will have chosen to leave our car and seek a safer car to be in. We have no choice....we have to stay in our car with our foot on the brake. And if we occasionally take our foot off the brake we have to get it back on there before we run out of slope.

The alternative doesn't bear thinking about.....

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