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Hit rock bottom
Hi Timtim,
I realised about two years ago that I had a problem with roulette. I have never had a problem with football bets or any other form of gambling but couldn't control myself when playing roulette. I have worked at recovery for almost two years now and have made mistakes and learned from my mistakes. Each time I slip up I learn from it and become stronger next time. I have went 60 plus days now without entering the bookies. What I learned last time was I can't ever set foot in a bookies again because although I think I can place a few quid on a football result I realise this eventually leads to me trying to recover lost money through roulette which leads to disaster. We are problem gamblers and therefore cannot gamble ever again on anything. I learned this from Smartie and Big Dave on this site. Listen to others on this site they provide their experience and knowledge to younger ones like ourselves. Good luck in your recovery.
P.S. I am sports daft and it hasn't bothered me in the slightest that I haven't bet in the past 60 days. I don't know many people who actually win anymore. Last week I bought myself something expensive for the first time in ages. It felt great.

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