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need help, please
Don't nag it doesn't do anything but cause more arguments. If he not gonna stop just start putting blockers in his way, offer a lift to bookies and tell him to hurry as you are both going somewhere with child. It'll give him a bit of cahnce to punt but u have restricted time.

Arrange 4 him to pic up child at times when he normally calls to bet. Hopefully he doesnt look for different ways to gamble, I really know wot ur going thru i put my ex through it all. Distraction can work but is prob not the answer hence the ex. I don't know I can't bring myself to go to a meeting either and look in here from time to time but prob everyone reading ur story can relate to it.

he knows himself wot happening if he seen his dad doing it but just can't control himself. Believe me he not doing it to inflict pain or hurt on u or the child- its a sickness were u can't take medicine or a tablet but he needs to realize it can't go on that way.

I really hope things work out for you

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