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18 and addicted
I have read a lot of the stories on here and can see that I am not to disimilar from others. The only big difference being that I am only 18 years of age and probably a much bigger gambler than people twice as old as me. I started when I was about 13, as I used to play a lot of snooker in my local snooker club, where gambling was the norm, so I would get others to put small bets on for me down the bookies just for a bit of fun. By the time I was 15, I was already going in to school with hundreds and would go to the bookies after school to bet as i could get served.  My parents at this point having no clue, as I would just say I was playing football after school. I has access to a bit of cash that I had saved and been given and lost my first thousands in the space of a couple of weeks at the age of 15. My gambling then continued at a steady pace througout my life, with alcohol taking up some of time when I was 17. Stopping me gambling as I would go clubbing instead. And recently since I have turned 18 has spireld out of control. I bet everyday, and will literally bet on anything. Horses, Dogs, Football, Blackjack, but with Roullete being my main vice, both machine but mainly at the casino. 
Its not that I lose huge sums of money, it's the ups and downs. In the last month I have won about but spent it all back, and for a college student working part time that is disgusting. I go to the bookies in my lunch break and have even been known to bunk lessons for a spin on the roulette. I have good people around me that can help me to stop with my older brother having gone to prison as a result of his gambling, and all my friends who are double my age have hit the highest highs and lowest lows try to help me, but I cannot stop and need help.
All I see is more and more betting shops, and hope more young men my age do not become like me.

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