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Where do I start?
Well what can I say!!
This is my first time on here and maybe I just want to air my views, maybe I need help and maybe Im just angry-I don't know anymore.

I used to be happy, have a good job, lots of friends and a wife I adore. Well I still have the wife but for how long I don't know.

It all started a while ago, maybe 5 years ago when I was involved with another lady before my wife. I was constantly trying to impress her. She was relatively well off and I, although had a good job was struggling all the time so I took out loans and when I couldn't get any more loans I started playing poker. I thought I was good but then I found online roulette. The instant buzz it gave me when I won was amazing. I remember one night winning enough to pay my my credit card off. I went to sleep very happy-although I never did pay that card off did I? I carried on and won and won, then lost a bit and then won again. I could splash the cash, buy new things and treat my lady well. Then it all went sour, as you do, I went on a bit of a losing run-losing thousands. Still, another loan and I could get it back. Again and again I got out loans, frantically trying to get back to where I started-then i would stop I told myself. Anyway now Ive left work, my house will be repossessed and I never go out. Even now I don't have any money but I'll always try and find a way to gamble. I don't know how to stop. I need money and all i can do is gamble to get it and I will carry on til I've got no more. Fortunately my wife is away and has been for a while so she can not see me the way I am. What do i do?

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