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So i would like to propose a new daytime weekday meeting in west London.

I have a need for a daytime weekday meeting myself and have noted that i am not the only one with circumstances that make it difficult to attend evening and weekend meeting.
I just wanted to sound it out and see if i could find anyone else who is interested particularly people who have difficulty getting to the evening and weekend meetings but of course it's open to anyone who has a desire to stop gambling.

I have thought about possible venues and i think the best time would probably be 11am-12.30pm but am a little flexible on both time and venue's.
I think the most obvious people that this meeting would benefit is unemployed single parents but i am sure there are a lot more groups of people or individuals who would benefit.
I have written an email to Ga requesting more info on how to get a meeting started so please people let me know so we can make this real. Big love

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