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losing everything one by one
HI, i am 24 and i started gambling nearly four years ago. i didn't know that first small win over slot machine will become my addiction. i tried everything to stop it, but i can't help myself. i work day and night just to feed slot machines. i can't see myself in mirror, i see loser in it. that big dreams to become something in life, all gone. Parents who expected a lot for me are now worried about my life. gambling don't let me concentrate on anything. i can't even do my studies!! how can i study if i don't have money to pay my rents !! debts are like slow poison killing me inside. I have seen myself selling my valuable things on roads so that i can get some money to reach at work. i have stayed in dark room for weeks without eating anything. i have seen myself cutting my wrist , i have seen myself consulting to psychiatric. I was never like this before. i can't see myself like this . i want me old me back again . i am just tired of my life. i can't live this life anymore.

i been to few GA meetings but i stopped it 'coz i can't really express myself in English.

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