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Recovery is a spiritual healing and maturing program
Hi You guys

Thank you for your honest replies.

Firstly it saddens me that all of my postings have been removed from this web site.

Our honesty is far more beyond about the money and gambling.

The money was just the fuel for my addiction and the gambling was just one way of me ewscaping how I felt with in myself.

That hurt inner child is healing today and is able to be honest and expose him self to all who want to get to know him in a healthy way.

Sadly the people in recovery get confused by the wording of the recovery programs.

I had sadly become a very unhealthy person who did or said things to escape how i felt with in myself.

Recovery for me a healing and maturing process.

Exchanging unhealthy habits for halthy habits was an important part of my growth.

It was then and is today far beyond just abstaining.

In order to love and care about other people I needed to learn to love care and also protect myself.

Protecting myself is certainly not about living every day in fear.

In fact the opposite.

The recovery rooms should be a way of nurturing and encouraging people twoards healthy habits and healthy living.

For recovery to take effect people should be free of all fears and be comfortable with them self.

Sadly there will be people who try and manipulate and control other people that indicates how inept insecure they are with in them self.

Just because I abstained first of all did not mean I was healthy in t many ways.

Once you move towards healthy actions with healthy consequences and it is a conscious decision on your part every one needs to take full responsability and feel proud in your self.

Rewards for our own healthy spiritual actions is pride in ones self.

Pride is a very healthy spirtual feeling.

I am still work in progress.

Love and peace to every one.

Dave L

AKA Dave of Beckenham

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