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i am only 18 and addicted to the roulette machines

The just for today is very simple. It does exactly what it says on the tin.

If you (as a compulsive gambler) were to say you are never going to gamble again then that is a horrendous thought and if i was to face that now i would run to the nearest bookies and try and get as much gambling in as i could.

If however i only had to get through TODAY then thats not so bad i think i can cope with that, when tomorrow comes i can wake up and say to myself 'well just for today' simply rinse and repeat.

So that is how that works, It really does work, you need to put measures in to stop yourself though.

Like monopoly said self exclusion is a great thing i self excluded and the way that works is that if they see you in there they ask you to leave if you refuse then you get slung out. the thought of being thrown into the highstreet from the bookies was enough for me to not go in at all.

On anotherr note your age has nothing to do with it i was gambling since i was 14 on the machines in the local arcade from that point on i had a problem it was only untill now 15 years later that I have actually faced my problem and accepted it.

Could be worth telling someone you trust about your gambling, dont get me wrong they will never understand but they will want to help ask them to come with you get your photo's taken and come into the bookies with you then you can't chicken out filling out the form.

When i excluded myself i was sat playing the machines and the guy on the seat next to me got up and openly said 'right thats it' went to the counter and said can i have an exclusion form please? they gave it to him without blinking an eyelide. Seeing that i printed of my credit and went to the counter said can i claim this and can i also have one of those forms. Again no eyelids blinked, they knew i had a problem before i did.

On your other question of if anyone has beaten this i beleive it cannot be beaten but it can be supressed and 'just for today i will not gamble' therfore just for today i have supressed it.

So i will leave it there for now.
my name is Daryl and i am a comulsive gambler.

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