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Back at it
My Name is Chris I am a compulsive gambler.

I didnt have a good day today as I had a bet.

I attended meetings regularly for 8months and felt like I had it beat. I passed the year mark without meethings But then one night down the pub with a friend he was playing the slot machine and I was only watching but I felt the tug again. Not long after we started playing the machine 'together' putting a pound in each and not long unitl it was just me playing alone.

It didnt take long until I started playing roulette at the bookies again. All just small losses that I could cover up..... Until I came into some money. I started off with x amount and not long later I had turned this into X amount. This is easy I thought I had it under control. But you guessed it, a month later and its gone and im back at rock bottom again. A compulsive gambler can never win because no matter what they win it isnt big enough.

My big problem is I know I need to open up to my parents again but they are going through some hard times too and it would totally wreck them. I want to go back to meething but am afraid to admit I have gambled again.

I just dont know where to turn now to stop the spiral. I am hoping that posting on here to putting my problem in writing may just help as a therapy.

I can only live for today and I hope tomorrow will be a bet free day!

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