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First Posting
Hi Maverick

Thank you for your kind post. I am glad that your wife has stood by you. Fortunately my partner has also stood by me, who knows why, as I have put and still putting him through hell. It is so true, when you gamble, nothing else is important to you at that time, loved ones come a very poor second. We must be very lucky, having found these people with the patience of saints!

The only trouble is they don't truly understand the total grip gambling has on you. I have tried to explain, but I guess, unless you have this terrible affliction yourself, you cannot believe the power it has on you. I know it sounds rediculous, but even when I see an advert on the telly for a new super-hero movie, it makes me want to go on-line and play the slots. I think so much playing on-line has re-wired my brain, I feel like I am living in a world of slots.

I am very happy that GA has helped you and hope that I too can find the support that will help me through. Even writing this, the little gambling voice in my head is trying to find excuses not to go to the meeting - it's freezing, it's dark at night, I'll feel stupid! Knowing how stupid you are yourself is one thing, admitting it to other people is alot harder to do!

Thank you again for your post, it really does help to hear from others who are or have been is a similar situation. I will drag myself kicking and screaming if need be to this meeting.

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