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First Posting
Hi All. This is my first post. I have just had another evening spending loads of money on on-line gambling sites. I have not got a hope in paying off my debt. I am feeling very sad and depressed. I have finally located my nearest G.A. meeting and will try and pluck up the courage to attend. I have been gambling for a long time (around 12 years) and know in my heart, that I have no future if I carry on. I have begged, pleaded, lied and become utterly despicable in my quest of self-destruction through gambling. I have become someone that I no longer know. Gambling has become my life, how sad am I? I feel sick to my stomach, but strangely, this feeling always wears off after a day or so, and off I go again. I am tired and worn out. I hope that I have the strength to knock this horrible addiction on the head.

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