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I admit I have a problem
This is my first ever post on this site and I dont quite know what to say. I am a christian and I have been for all my life. I have been gambling over the past year and my life is in a mess. The last time I gambled was today.. I lost a lot of money over the past two days as I got paid yesterday. I find when I dont have money things are great and I think Im never going to gamble again but then the "dreaded" payday comes and I am lured into the bookies AGAIN. I have rent to pay this week and I dont know what i am going to do. I am due to go home to Ireland and see my family on friday for 10 days and I cant even buy any presents. My family dont know about my problem and how bad it has got. I am thousands in debt. I have very little left to my name and all I can think about is going to the bookies to try and win something tomorrow.
I have recently broke up with my fiancee and I am at the lowest part of my life. I wotk nights.. 9pm-9am and im working all this week before I go home to Ireland. The only thing stopping me telling my family is the total shame of it all. I know I will hurt them but I also know that they will stand by me and support me BUT the shame is too much. Im sorry to be rambling on, even writting this makes me feel sick.
I have a problem and I dont know what to do.


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