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i just want to stop
i have gambled now for as long as i can recall im 41 years old and my life is in a total mess because of gambling.i started as a young lad on fruit machines which moved on to betting shops (horses,dogs,football,anything,).now it is the machines in the bookies which im in a mess totally addicted and no matter how many times i try to stop i always end up back in the same place.i have a lovely wife and son who i let down time and time again they have given me so many last chances iv lost count,now im on another one after blowing all my wages lending money to replace them and blowing that as well,i hate myself for what i am i dont sleep or eat properly i always have a bad head through worry and stress i know i must stop my gambling now before i lose my wife and son as well as all my going to make yet another fresh start today and get to a G A meeting for the first time next week i pray it can be a start to ending this horrible addiction i have THANK YOU

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i just want to stop - by barryval - 17-12-2011, 07:29 AM
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