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I dont know what to do
Hi Karine,
I play roulette too. I'm 24 and have lost a lot of money in my time. I was walking past a betting shop the other day and thought I would just put a few pounds into the machine. I ended up going to the cashpoint twice to take and lost the lot in 10 minutes. Then I went to town to the bank. I lost it all. I feel so terrible about it and the worth thing is there is no one too talk about it to who understands. I've been to meetings before and they do help-I must go again, but family and friends will never understand or be able to offer the help needed. It's been going on with me since I played the penny slot machines when I was 8 years old on seaside holidays. If you want to talk about it I can relate. I want to meet a friend who has experienced the same turmoil as me because I feel so terribly alone. Hope all goes well

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