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My name is Andy and Im a compulsive gambler,I havent had a bet for 577 days or since May 20th 2010.Although I havent been to any meetings in 3 months it still seems like it was only yesterday since I had a bet,as we all know we only do it 1 day at a time.I am still in a horrendous financial mess from that last bet and still fighting my way along although never getting anywhere but at least the stinking bookies havent had any of my blood earned cash for that long as its all gone to debts!!I amposting as this is for me the worst and most loneliness time of year,I hate xmas and always will as its just totally boring and empty especially being alone.I am grateful to GA though that ive at least arrested gambling for today without GA I wouldnt have been alive .Im not sure where I go from here as always its an uphill struggle just to keep above water but good luck to everybody fighting this hideous disease.Andy.

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