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Guidance and advice
Hi Loving,

Every day I am reminded that I have an addictive personality....

I accept I am a compulsive gambler and always will be..although my last bet was on 17th August 2003, i still think about gambling regularly. I feel i owe my recovery to a combination of many factors - the GA recovery program, meetings, honest, a great family and friends support network and a lot of hard work...

If he wants to stop...maybe he could check out his nearest GA meeting....i found it too hard to stop on my own...

Recovery for me is more than stopping gambling....its about changing who I am as a person...and learning to become a better one...Only then can I continue to recover on a daily basis from this horrible addiction...

What I can say is there is hope in my life....and I see this reflected back on a weekly basis at GA meetings....

Just a reminder that Gam-anon (the support network for friends and family of compulsive gamblers) can be contacted via details on the main ga page...
I know my family continue to use gam-anon support and it not only helps them to help me, but they tell me it gives them massive support too...

Wishing you the best

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