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Taking the first step
Hi Smokealot,

smokealot1974 Wrote:The response has been.....Well.....nothing. Bit embarrassing but hey ho ill just rely on my best friend for support "me"

Good luck everyone

Hope your still here mate? This addiction / illness for me is destructive. It tells me I can stop on my own..It tells me a small bet won't matter....It tells me eventually it'll win, it only has to be patient as i've always returned to gambling in the past...

What changed for me? GA and the recovery program in short...

I wish i could give you the magic cure...but that doesn't exist for me....What does is a simple program of recovery GA offers to all its members with as much support as you can handle...

However this program comes at a cost...It requires hard work, honesty, an open mind and a willingness to change... Like a seed planted in the ground, it needs watering and a whole lot of love...

When I've tried to stop on my own, the plant has been undernourished and its withered...What GA does for me is gives me that love, support and fellowship to stop gambling, but i know i need to keep an open mind and keep tendering my plot daily....

I wish you the best...Smartie

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