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18 years old and addiction
Redbull5 Wrote:Ooooo little mistake from me tonight, lost all momentum and put a large amount into an account, as soon as I deposited it I realised what I ad done and went to withdraw it. It was a Germany based online site and they don't let you withdraw until you wager your deposit. So I sat playing roulette for spins till I wagered my money and game home with a small profit. Immediately withdrew it all.

Massive mistake. Need to control my activity level when I'm bord.

Keep going guys, stick with it.

This is why I am glad of being a part of GA mate... Took me years of pain, hurt and and suffering to myself and others before I realised I needed help....

On my own and without the GA recovery program, I always found a reason to start again...and if I ever won money...

Wish you the best

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