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In need of help
I know the feeling you are talking about. Trust me though, it will go away. However, never forget what it feels like, you don't have to re-live it, just remember it. It is one of a number of things that I have set in place that allow me to dismiss every thought I have of placing a bet.

Although it is suggested that stopping gambling cannot be done through willpower alone, it does make up a great part of it in the early days. So, stay strong Cliff. On a daily basis remember that quote from Abraham Lincoln "most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be". If you decide in the morning that you are going to have a positive/happy day you will, or you will try your hardest to. However, if you decide to be 'grouch of the century', then you certainly will do that.

It is easier to get through life (when in recovery) when you are feeling happy.

Big Dave (Eastcote/Uxbridge)

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