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Hi Andy

It is great that you went to a meeting. Was it before or after the meeting that you gambled?

You know as well as I do that you must put measures in place to help you stop gambling. Often spoken about 'barriers' should be enforced to enable the task of not gambling to be a whole lot easier.

Some barriers that might help you. Don't carry money around with you, it burns a whole in everyone's pocket. Phone someone (another GA member, or just anyone) when you get a strong urge to gamble. Don't go near gambling establishments, if you are nowhere near them you can't go in them.

One of the most important barriers I have always had in place is to think twice. The majority of problems that have occurred in my life, due to gambling, have been through acting on impulse. It is my downfall as an addict. When ever I find myself with a choice or dilemna I make sure I think about what lies in front of me. I have often found myself take reference to the guidance I have gained in GA, either from its members or from literature. I will always find a less damaging option to whatever it is I am contemplating.

All barriers that a person needs to put into place require effort though. They, unfortunately, cannot easily just be put into place/practice. We are creatures of habit, therefore we must continually and consciously do these new coping mechanisms in order for them to be successful. After a period of time we will get used to doing them and they become much easier to have in our lives.

I hope this is the start of better things for you Andy. Try and find it in yourself to accept the help GA has to offer. And, stop feeling sorry for yourself. We have all been were you are, many of us worse, so stop thinking that the whole world is against you. If you look close enough you will fill that it is YOU against you....let go of it!

Big Dave (Eastcote/Uxbridge)

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