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homework, pen to paper ?
(31-01-2014, 12:40 AM)enlightend1 Wrote: At my meeting tonight we were given homework, to put pen to paper, after a meeting I find, going to sleep hard, so I have done, my homework lol, what do you think ? I was never this keen at school.
My friend or foe ?
Gambling was my friend or I thought it was, it must of been, I spent most of my day's and even my dreams with him. I chose gambling over my family and friends, even over my kids. I call it him but maybe I should of called my friend her, for in some ways I was in, an affair with gambling, loved it blinded by love. Like an affair, it was exciting at first and I enjoyed it but it soon stop being fun, but I couldn't end it. Love can make you do some stupid stuff but my love for gambling took me to another level of stupidity. I kept her secret, I chose her over my responsibilities, over family and friends. We lived a secret life, cheating, hiding our friendship from others who questioned us. We were good friends, especially in my dreams and I won more in my dreams, my illusion was my friend, was my best friend. If I had a bad day, I would turn to my best friend, if I needed to escape, it was my friend I turned too but the closer we became friends, the more my new best friend turned into my foe. I couldn't see it, I was blinded by our friendship. We spent many hours together, others were jealous and questioned my friendship with gambling, I wouldn't listen, I was in denial. On occasions we fell out but we were soon, hanging out together again, often we made up, after I found, stole, cheated, defrauded someone of money. Gambling nearly lost all my true friends, it made my family struggle to defend me and my actions. I personally could and would justify all my actions to feed my friendship, my addiction. it was always someone's else's fault, when I gambled I escaped my worries, my troubles but it truly 'messed' my head up, it clouded my judgement, my mind, it made me consider self destruction. I am glad to say today we are no longer friends thanks to ga but I know if I stopped being friends with ga, it would only be a matter of time before I returned to my gambling affair. Long may I be faithful to ga and my family and friends, for to returning to the affair would be the end of my marriage and possibly my life. I truly believe, my last bet, a losing bet was my best bet, it brought me to my new friend ga. I believe my next bet would be my worse bet whether it won or lost because it would not only cost me my new friendship but also my family, my friends, my car, my bank account and probably my life. Long may I stay friends with ga and keep a clear open mind in unity with my fellow compulsive gamblers. Jft I will not gamble and thank you for reading my therapy.

Bumping...well worth others reading this if they haven't done already...

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