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Hello Rovit

Thank you for posting that. Xmas is often a difficult time for me too, for many similar reasons. So, I can really relate to your post. It can be quite damaging for me to be thinking about it so early on. I know people like to plan ahead but it plays on my mind continually as I have no idea what frame of mind I will be in on the day (or closer to the time). One thing i do know is although I haven't made plans for some time now, whenever I do spend Xmas with good people it is ALWAYS better than being by myself.

The recovery process and the recovery program can be a struggle for most compulsive gamblers (or addicts in general). Many people try to tackle it on their own which is not very beneficial. Allowing others into your life, especially your personal life (like we do when we share). can be an almost daunting task for many. Therefore delving into the unknown and sharing this is often met with defense. If you can, find a Steps meeting and attend or, get yourself a sponsor and go through the Steps with them.

Big Dave (Uxbridge/Eastcote)

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