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What is healing spiritual recovery and growth to me today
shared by dave...

My name is Dave of Beckenham

You could say that by being in the spirtual recovery program I have been empowered in mny healthy ways.

I understand that my life was emotionally vulnerable long before my addictions and obsessions.

Once I started attending meeting I got to know the sad war stories and got frustrated that I needed to learn new skiils.

I decided one day at Blandford to talk a therapy, talking about my fear, talking about my pains, and talking about my frustrations.

I learned that I was not the only person that feared emotional intimacy with other people.

I learned that I was unable to talk to strangers but was not willing or able to expose more of myself.

Over time I could expose more of myslf yet found it hard to open up to my family.

Today I understand that I was emotionally traumatized long before my addcitions and obsessions.

Some people find it hard to listen the times I was a victim.

No matter how many times Shirley tolme it was the lies that hurt our realtionship I still thought resolve from my past would be from having great finances.

I am being tested at this time, it is all the part on my internal growth and also my emotional coping skills.

The gambling obsessions risk taking adrenaline rush were jut the symptoms that I was emotionally vlunerable long before the signs were there for me.

Love and best wishes

Dave of Beckenham

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