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Need Help
Its a difficult choice isn't it? Go to night school or go to GA?

I had a similar choice myself a long time ago and I chose GA....

Other steps failed to work and I constantly kept returning to gambling...

My life was teetering on the edge....literally

Suppose it depends how desperate you are to stop gambling.....what else you've tried??

Look at the 'tools that help me stop gambling' page...

Lots of suggestions there...

Smartie xx
I very much understand the progressive nature of can be incredibly deceptive....

Have you checked out your nearest meeting so you know where / when it is or alternative if night school is on that night your nearest after that?

Like I remind myself GA gives me an option of a new life but i have to take it on board...

Keep in touch and if you have any further thoughts...feel free to share...

Smartie xx
Truth is with this addiction Dan that scenario is always possible...

Hence why its so important i remain vigilant....

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