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The benefits of a gambling addict?
I want to make a thread with a different spin to it! You might be thinking the benefits of a compulsive gambler there isn't any! Wait there is... In my opinion a compulsive gambler is a character defect we have a certain way of thinking that given a certain situation is lethal (I.e a casino.)

In other situations the outcome is very different! So I want to create a discussion where you give a character attributes that is common between addicts but a positive!

I hope this makes sense ? (it's sort of like the moral inventory) I'll kick it off with. Hard working I believe every compulsive gambler once they give up becomes incredibly hard work, efficient and effective! 
I'll throw in resourcefulness....
I love that one I didn't think of that! If we can apply the time and effort we spent putting into the newspapers or football results etc into everyday life then It will be very beneficial to us.
I used to know my 36 times table pretty well :-(  Not particularly useful

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