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New Chat Room and Mobiles
Hi All,

We have now moved to a new server as the lease was due to expire on the old one.

During the move there were a few issues with the chat room so i decided to install a whole new one and it has the major benefit of being able to work well and securely on mobile devices.  

So now you can chat to each other, support and help each other all on the move.  I have tested it on iPad, iPhone and a couple of Android devices and all worked well.

Enjoy yet another new tool to help your recovery Smile
Thanks Shaun

Yes there are so many tools on offer in GA for those who want them...

Thanks for your unity

Smartie x
The system's quite new so i'm not sure....i'll ask the webmaster if he can help you with that...
I don't use an iPhone Oldham but have texted the Webmaster to ask him....

Just be aware GA members can email the Webmaster themselves via the Contact us tab...

Smartie x

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