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Can I recover from gambling
I  know  I can  recover  and I can  turn  my  life  around  and   it is  just  simple  its    just  by  working  on  one  day  at the time.
I  was  offered    a  simple  programme  I  was told  this  programme     work, but if  I  wanted  to work  i needed  the  desire   to stop gamble . I thought  I could  just stop, yes  I  have  stopped  many times  with no G A   but  unfortunately  I did return to gamble.
Eventually   I accepted  I was  powerless  over gambling  and life  started  to get  better, my family   started  to  trust me  more    but  I knew  that  they work  on the look out  I  do not  blame them,  I  know      I  was  a    time   waster   when I was gambling  I need to live  with it     but     I was   to    stick  to no  gamble,  gamble  give me  nothing.
I  believe   by  keeping  going to  meetings   will  work for me, life  eventually  got  better  and  I am still  got  the desire  to  stop, It  was my choice  I am not  going to gamble today  that  was  my theme   and  so on   when  tomorrow   comes  I will   deal  the same. 
I am on  recovery   because I choose  to  no  gamble.  
I love my family, I will do anything  for them  and mean the world  to me .
However  is love  enough   for   for me  to stop gambling?
 That is the  big  question , I  play  on  their lives  so many times  that  I will never  gamble again  and  always   fund myself    back to gamble,  i  felt  powerless   to stop  myself  and  make  me   feel  bad,how   could  love  my family ? and  choose to  put them   through  hell  with  the  lying  repeatedly  creating  debts  and  all  because  my  urges  to gamble.
I  ask  myself  that many  times  while  trying to stop , no  getting  answers  i decided  to   attend  G A meetings, there  I learn that  there  was hope  to  stop the madness.
I know  I can not  be  cured  but    but  been     with G A   I    could  abstain  from  gamble  and that is  my  mission   , GA  give me  the    chance  to  change  my  ways,  change   my  future    and     be  a normal  person  I  person  to be  proud     of.
My name   is  stamps  and    my last gamble  was  1.04.11
Absolutely Stamps, no cure for us once we progress past a certain point, but there is hope too....

This is where GA meetings can help!
Anonymity is the bed rock of the GA recovery program...
My name is Simmo and I am a compulsive gambler, acceptance is the most important step in my book. Recovery is 100% possible, cure not so much. Once you've passed the invisible line into reckless compulsive gambling, there is almost no way of returning to so called "normal" gambling.

Through working the 12-step program with an open mind and willingness to refrain from gambling and be prepared to make changes in your life, recovery happens a day at a time.
One day at a time.  My last bet was 15/03/2016 and I hope and pray each day that it stays that way.
Absolutely Simmo and that's when the real honesty comes in....

I'm still continuing to learn in recovery and why i hope you get to the meeting asap

Smartie xx

ps...have you checked out the chat room on the site? its another tool in the recovery bow...

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