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My  name is  stamps  and I am  a compulsive  gambler

My name is  stamps  and  I was  a compulsive  gambler ( still  a  comp. gambler  but  no gambling) 
there  are  many different  kind  of  gamblers.
Some   gamble  everyday,  some  gamble once a week,  some  gamble once  a month.
I   was   once  a month  one,I did  gamble  until  nothing  was left, I was  a casino gambler, I did  like the nice  decor  and  bright  lights ,  free  drinks  and  food.
I though  I  was  a big  shot  I was living  in  a  dream  world I wanted to be  rich  I wanted  everything to come  easy but  unfortunately   that  was not the way  to  do it  I  found  the  other  way  around ,   it  was  the  road   to  ruin
Now,the way   I have overcome  the madness  of  gambling
1- I  accepted  I was  powerless  when in action,  when  winning  or losing  I could not stop
2-I attend  meeting  with  G A    every week
 3- I gave  all my finances  to  to the closed  person  in my life  and  decided   no to handle  money anymore
I  only  take   with me  the minimun   from  day to day, I close  all  my bank accs  close  all  my  credit cards  etc
At  the  beginning  was  hard  but  with time   passing  was easier    to manage.
Now  I do live  a normal  way  of  life  to my likes  (one day at the  time)
After   4 years  of  stopping  gamble  I manage  to  be free  of  debts  and life    started  to treat me  nice   i could  sleep  at nith    and  be able  to say no more   big lies  I was  an  expert on that Lif3e  for me  is  fantastic, I got     back     my self  respect    from  all the people  around me (my family)  I did   was a nightmare  to them  all.
I reality  I am good  at making  money   by  working  legally I always  have   good  jobs, my employers   always  gave  good   bonus  but I did not  see    that then  I wanted more  I was wrong
WHY   did I gamble? I   do know  I  wanted  something it did not  belong  to me    I wanted  something easy to come.
I presume   everything  needs  to come to an end.
1  Gamble  to  death
2  Stop  gamble  and  live
I  choose  N.2
I am  on  recovery I do not  need  to gamble I can make my life  easier  for me  and  the people around me.
Gamble is the root  of all  evils  it gives nothing  but  misery
No gambling   gives me  everything I want.
My  name   is  Stamps, last  gamble  was on  1-04-2011 Smile

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