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The Message is Simple
My name is  stamps  and I am  a compulsive  gambler  , last  gamble  01-04-11
   The  message is  simple  that is my  title for ( gambling  today  for  gambling or no  gambling )
   It  took  me  a long time    to  get it  but i  got it  by the hard  way  at the end
I  have  gamble  for  many years,  I started  gambling  when  I was  25  years  old,     and the   frist  gamble    was  the  worse  that  could  possible happen to me  I did  win  so    that   was  great  I though   that  was the  day  that  seed  got in my mind.
   and   that  was the  start  of  my  down  fall  I   though  I could  get  something for nothing  , how  wrong  I was     AND  THAT    WAS  MY  JOURNEY  TO MISERY  (IT  DID  NOT  WORK     WELL AT ALL).
 I did  win  big     money   many  times    but  I did   lost     and   big     and  bigger    it  was not  bottom     and  in  fact   it   took  everything  from  me   ( gamble) ,not   that  I lost  money  I  lost  my  self  respect  to start  with   It  make  do things I will never  dream,  steal  from  my family  , work  ,   and  anyone  was   around   was   a  target  to  feed  my  bad  habit.
What   did  gamble   gave me  was  ZERO,  What   no gamble  has  given me  is more than  ZERO   it  gave   self  respect    from people  around  I am  now  a self  motivated, successful,  not   wealthy  but  I got  enough  to     be  comfortable.
When  I was gambling  nothing  was  enough  whether  winning  or losing, I was   beast  I was  brutal    I saw   no reason  to anything  my  creed   was  gamble.
I  did  attend   G A  from  time to time  but   I return  to gamble   again many times .
I though  I  was clever  I though  that  I was  right all the time     so     that was it I have no brain     I though     that   life  was finish    without  gamble. 
The  only time   I stop  gamble  was  when  I run out of  money, friends  and  nothing  was  left    to gamble  I was     at the bottom    of  every thing  , that  was  th4e awake  call to stop  either    gamble  and  die, or  stop  and  live   .
I took  the  second  option.
Now  I live  a normal  life    I  building  my life     it has  taken  me   over    6 years     or  about that  I am happy   I am myself  , gamble  does not  rule me  anymore
It it helps  anyone     with this I am happy, gamble  gives nothing but  trouble.
stamps   wish  everyone  well Smile

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