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Temptations are always around us
My name is  Stamps and I am  a  c.  gambler,  last  gamble  was  01-04-2011
Weather  we like or not   gamble  is  and  will be  always  around us  is   in fact  part of  life   since  the beginning of time.
I  take my daily life  with precise  thinking;  Do  I want   to gamble?  and  if  I do  what   will be  consequences ?
The  result I know  for sure  will be  a logical  either  lose or  win.
If  I win  I am sure  I will  want  more  and if I lose  I will  sure for sure    will  chase the lose
So  what is the point?
Following the  result  of  deduction  is not point  to be on that  situation
The  best thing  to do  is not to gamble  and  be happy   with  what  I got
The  barriers  I put  I think  are  strong  as I wanted to be, but still the temptation  will be there.
I will need  help  from  everywhere, people  around me, G.A.  and  as well  wanting to  no gamble  and  by doing that I will  be  reasonable safe.
One  of my  safest  barrier  is   not to have money at my disposal, I am not  currying   money at all  only the minium  so  I will not have means  to gamble.
I know  I will need money  from  day to day  for different reasons and that  is  sometimes difficult to   have money    but if  I   keep  to the minimum  I  will not  have the opportunity  to gamble.
I have  been  doing that  for  the  last  6  years  and  has  work for me.
I have no   bank accs , wife has  all my finances  I am happy  with that, I  can have  anything I want, holidays  etc.
when  I was  gambling  I was  a nightmare  to everyone  around me I  could not  sleep, I lie     and lie  and  was not end to it my aim  in life  was  gamble  24/7  everything  was  guided  to gamble  I was  selfish.
I did  win   big    but   I did   lose    even  bigger I was incredible  of of my mind  I did not  see    it them.
I   am  now on recovery  and I want to continue this way from  now  on.
I  do not look  back    what was done is done  I can not  change that  , but I can change my life   and the life of the people around me  for the better   by no gambling.
Gambling   gave nothing  but trouble.Who  wants  that?  no me  I do not
Stamps  last  day of  gamble  was  01-04-2011  Smile

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