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Most bizarre story!
Out of nowhere, after a few years of gambling free, I came into money that went into a joint account. I was researching flights to Bangkok and thought to myself wouldn’t it be great to fly Business Class. Now s few years ago I created an account on jackpotjoy and after demolishing my wages in one evening I came off it and since forgotten my username and password. I happened to try again and the first attempt worked. I could not believe it. I then lost €xxx in the space of an hour and the only reason I stopped was that my bank thought it was a security breach.
To get out of having to own up to it I booked Thailand for my boyfriend and I and he didnt notice the bank statements because I’d transferred funds from joint account to my personal account. Sly. I’m 44 and been gambling for almost 30 years with long periods away from it. The feeling I got from it this time was terror because I’ve never properly won and spent thousands. 
None of my loved ones will ever know about this blip, I feel guilty as sin but I’ve gotten away with it. Luckily I don’t have much of an income but it’s so silly how your mind thinks. I knew this money was coming but a joint account was where it was going but I still managed to pull a fly one. I’m so grateful to my bank for stopping it. I blocked myself from jackpotjoy instantly, and all of my accounts on it and was just delighted I had that reprieve. I know it’s in me. Ive been to GA in Aberdeen and Edinburgh over the years which has helped but don’t know if i will go to one in ireland. Just wanted to post this. Thanks for reading.
Hi Loobeelou,

It doesn't sound that bizarre to me, what I see is addiction taking it's opportunity to rear it's ugly head with a series of events that took advantage when your guard was down. I've done similar in the past, and knowing that I got away with it, actually led me to gamble again, because I had a plan, and I could hide it. The difference with me today is that I am totally transparent, my wife has full visibility of the accounts and we go through the accounts every month. I'm now 22 months without a bet and the main reason for that is I go to GA every week and keep working the program. Well done on self excluding, I suggest coming clean, as it could eat away internally. Secrets cause stress and stress can lead to gambling. Get to a meeting and share your experience, you will help others as well as yourself.

One day at a time

One day at a time.  My last bet was 15/03/2016 and I hope and pray each day that it stays that way.
Thank you for your advice. The nearest GA to me would be Galway which is just over an hour away. I don’t want to admit this because this money came from a good place and to admit it would be wrong on so many levels and I’m not ready for that. So the admitting it I won’t do. My family won’t accept I’m a compulsive gambler on any level, I know this after 30 years of experience. There’s no point in rocking the boat or causing unnecessary pain. I can and will deal with my own mishap. I do agree with you that sharing experiences and listening to others would help. Over the next few weeks I will look to venture to Galway. Kind regards. Lou.

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