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There is never gain on gambling
My name is  Stamps  and my last gamble  was on 01-04-2011
In  my  experience  as a gambler  I have  big  wins  and  even  bigger  loses.
When   I did  big  win  I was  at the top  of the  world and  when I loose  I was  at the  very bottom,that was  the way   with me  then.
In reality  gambling money is not real,  and when winning is not  real it is on loan  and soon  will go away  as  we all know  we  can not stop  when  winning    and we can not stop when  loosing.
If  anyone  say that  can control gambling   it is a fairy story, I stop believing I can control it I gave up that thought  and  I am still  weary  at  any thoughts of  getting anything for nothing, if  anything  I  want    I have to obtain through effort  and  then  I will be satisfied.
Many people   say I am  a professional  gambler  and  I do  win, but they never say  when  they lose , it is living on denial  contradicting  or  refusing to accept reality  of gambling results.
I have  stop  in believing that  gambling will make me happy  and  be  the center  of attention I work for my living and I get my rewards I can not ask for anything else.
Gambling  never  gave me anything but trouble  so if  I want not  trouble  I do not  need to gamble.
I need to be exceedingly vigilant  at all times it is  essential  for my  survival   to  no gamble
gambling can be exciting  but with that comes the risk of addition, gambling is one of the most insidious vices, as it presents the illusion of easy money  to get quickly and lead to financial ruin.
Stopping gambling is the right thing to do.I will never give up trying to stop gambling.
That  are my thoughts  for today  and thanks for reading.
my name is Stamps  Smile

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