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Hello to ALL and i hope to be a value member of this site.   I will probably be covering areas already discussed so apologies if that is the case.  I have been speaking with my MP, DCMS and the gambling commission for about 6 years now.  One of the key areas i wanted to address was setting up a 'ONE STOP' shop where someone can Self Exclude themselves from every bookmaker.  I am probably not the only one to have requested this.  I found out 2 days ago that there is now a one stop shop where someone can register there details and SELF EXCLUDE (without the burden of doing it with every bookmaker).  This one stop shop is called GAMSTOP .  As it stands 70 bookmakers are signed up for it but it is expected that by the end of the year ALL bookmakers licensed in the UK with be registered.  I have 2 concerns which i have made them aware.  1- there should be a tab to SELF EXCLUDE permanent 2- This site needs advertising (facebook / tv).

I am so glad those in power are listening.   Big Grin
ypu, there are many blockers available....

this is one of many....

however for me, they only help to a limited extent...

Why GA is set up the way it is by helping the person in meetings and working a program to the best of their ability (the 12 steps)...

if you want that option, check out your nearest GA meeting...


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