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This is my first post, and one I never thought I'd write. I am a well educated 42 year old grandmother with a professional job. How I have debts over £xxxxx is beyond my comprehension, but I do, all through mobile gambling.

Like most members of society I am sure if someone presented in the street and asked you to part with £xx and MAYBE you get back £xx you would look at them like they have gone mad! So why do thousands of people like me do just that? A hundred reasons, I am sure, not one answer.

For me it was the escape from the daily grind of life, woman on her own, working herself to the bone with quite frankly 2 horrible teenagers driving her to the point of insanity, and then i came across these easily accessible sites with what felt like virtual money and a little bit of "me time" (this "me time" actually turned into staying up all night gambling then going to work, with gambling still on her mind).

What it turned into was chasing the rent money, not eating to save on food, borrowing (with my family taking out loans for me) and I am so ashamed to say, taking payday loans out, not just through myself but encouraging my daughter to do it for me when my credit rating got so bad.

I can fully understand how desperate people can get, through crime and even suicide. After losing again all my wages and with no other way of getting more money I did ponder illegal methods of gaining money. I knew then I had hit rock bottom. I then found GAM STOP (which, by the way is difficult to find on google, maybe something they can address). I can no longer gain entry to my favourite "lose all your rent money sites". The relief is overwhelming. I can't wait for the time where all gambling sites in the UK need to be registered, but for the time being I have some breathing space to find my recovery path.

Unlike other addictions like alcoholism or drug addiction where people may have some sort of sympathy, gambling it seems, does not. We don't have the reason (but actually we do) of having cognitive impairment, "just don't do it" is often my advice, the itching, the jitters and anger are just some of my symptoms of not gambling for just one day, my question is could this site of self-exclusion for all registered gambling sites be enough???
Hi Juet1975,

Firstly welcome and well done for taking an important step to stop gambling. Self exclusion is strongly recommended as it certainly puts barriers in place between you and gambling. It is however not the solution. From my first time attending GA, I had self excluded, but in time, I found new avenues to gamble where self exclusion isn't possible. I strongly suggest getting to your nearest GA meeting. Spending a couple of hours a week talking about your journey, and helping others with theirs is the only thing from my experience that has kept me stopped, 2 years and 2 months so far.

Addiction is addiction, and when it comes to gambling addiction, many people without addiction problems do not understand. People in a GA room though very much do understand. People in GA know me better than anyone else in my life. I don't need to explain myself, as I look around the room, whoever is speaking, there are many nodding heads.

You're not alone, far from it.

Thanks for posting and I look forward to hearing more of your journey into recovery.

In Unity

One day at a time.  My last bet was 15/03/2016 and I hope and pray each day that it stays that way.

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