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My daily diary

Family morning and full afternoon watching school Hockey. Enjoyable day.
Well done Adam, keep going, and keep posting. How was time with the family this morning? I often look back at the many family moments that I missed because of gambling and it makes me appreciate time with the family now.

In Unity

One day at a time.  My last bet was 15/03/2016 and I hope and pray each day that it stays that way.

Thanks for the comments once again Simmo. Just a few hours playing simple games, board games and playing cards. They're young but really enjoy it.

No issues today but lazy day following counsellor rearranging early morning meeting to next week due to illness. Watched Death Wish (2017) this afternoon - bit of a treat.

Hoping to be more productive tomorrow.
Will visit local GA meeting tonight and intending to raise concerns in respect of safe environment. As detailed in previous posts avoiding all sport for the last 48days however only time results have been advised (horse racing, football and race meetings) have of all places been in the GA meeting. Having stewed on this for a week now believe it's only right to raise and see what kind of response is returned. Will advise on return tonight.

Productive day, gym, organised day activities for Saturday, and plasterer came round to discuss kitchen. 

Attended meeting tonight and discussed feelings around talk of sport and giving details of results by members at meetings. If honest not sure of the conclusion here, one minute discussing making an objective to ensure no sports banter, next, emphasis placed on me to accept that i can't control everything and acceptance of this, plus advice that realistically i can't do away with sport in my life i.e. all around me. Whilst prepared at all times to walk away from sport outside meetings must now decide whether to prepare myself for discussions occurring in meetings, or walk away from GA meetings in entirely. Not sure how this turned around to my acceptance and my maturity to accept things I cannot change. Seems crazy indeed. Would say meeting initially split 40:60.

Have a week to decide.
Hello Adam Strongly suggest that you do not abandon GA entirely. Because one apple is bad and not to your liking does not mean that the entire bushel is bad. Try another meeting even if you have to travel a distance. Not every meeting is perfect and sometimes personalities do get in the way of progress. But find the right meeting and your life changes forever. That is what you want, right? All the best. LewB-Woodbury Monday Night
Really struggling today, 1st time in over 35days and seriously fighting the urge to go to bookies. Just logged on to put this on my diary to advise everyone. Must admit comments from LewB last night (thanks buddy) have turned me around. Crikey was that welcomed. Just goes to show when you least expect it something good happens. ThankL you LewB for the insight and kind words - you're a life saver.
Urges do come, but they also pass. Read the Just for today section of the book, go and do something to take your mind off the urge to gamble.

Just for today I will not gamble

One day at a time

One day at a time.  My last bet was 15/03/2016 and I hope and pray each day that it stays that way.
Adam, you're welcome. Our program is based on one compulsive gambler helping another. When an urge hits, suggest you call someone from the room or your sponsor. They will be glad to help you work through the urge. If you do not have a room phone list or a sponsor, ask about them at your next meeting. They are important in your recovery. If you're told that those things are not used in that room, suggest you find another room that does make use of those tools.
Adam, keep strong, just for today. Promise yourself you'll do it tomorrow but just for today you won't gamble. The urge will pass with time. Hit the gym, watch a film. Take a nap. Anything to help pass this urge. Report back in an hour if need be.
How do I stop gambling?



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