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Start of my road to recovery
Hi everyone,

I started gambling when I was 17/18 years old, I am now 22 and am a compulsive gambler. I have gambled for 4 or 5 years daily but I'm blessed it hasnt effected my life more than it has.

I have never been more determined to do something in my entire life as I now know the consequences if I continue to gamble. This forum has helped me learn the consequences if I continue to gamble, like debt or the loss of family.

I would like to thank everyone who shared their story on this foarm as it has greatly helped me and motivated me to never step in a bookies again or open another online account. My last bet ever was 28/10/2018. I have started to go to my local GA meetings and they also help greatly. I have a good job and my whole life ahead of me without gambling. For the first time in a very long time I am looking forward to the future in general and not just looking to the future for my next pay check.

I know I have a long way to go, but "just for today I will not gamble"

Good luck everyone on your road to recovery!
Hi gogs1996. Well done for taking that first step. I wondered if you could tell us about your experience at a meeting and if you have put any measures in place yet to help yourself? Thanks.
Hi Chris_b,

Thank you very much for the reply. My first experience at my local GA meeting was very positive, everyone was very welcoming. What struck me was the variation of people at the meeting, all different ages and all with different jobs. It just shown me and opened my eyes that no matter how educated or uneducated you are, the illness of being a compulsive gambler can effect anyone and all of us.

In terms of what measures I have put in place, I have self excluded myself from all online accounts I ever used but that is about it. I have told my parents which was difficult.

I'm hoping to get peoples advice on the below:
I am still living at home with my mother and father who I get along with very well (I have 2 older brothers but they have moved out). My father is very much into horse racing (primarly what I gambled on when I was gambling) and he even has a few shares in horses. I used to go to the horse races with him on a regualr basis but obviously will not be doing that anymore. The only thing my father watches on the TV is either racing uk, atttheraces or the news (he hardly ever bets). 

When you here him on the phone the odd time or when you are in the car with him he is talking to jockeys and horse trainers who have "good information" for winners. How do I escape all of this? I'm still doing very well not gambling and am still very motivated and will attend another GA meeting tonight.

I dont want to hurt my relationship with my father but I think I need to sit down with him and talk?

I am hoping to move out soon and rent a house with a few friends as I am currently not in a relationship so obviously that will help significantly!

I am taking things one day at a time, hour by hour!
I think you need to have a mature conversation with your dad about how you feel when he's having a conversation about horses around you. There's a chance he won't understand and maybe won't get the significance of what you are trying to do but if you don't tell him he'll never know.
Ultimately, when you're in a position to move out I think that will make things easier for you. Good advice, especially in the early days of recovery, is to not buy a newspaper or watch horse racing on tv, so when it's your choice, rather than your dads I think you'll find it easier for you.

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