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Breaking Pattern
Day 73 Completed

Big challenge
Day 75
Day 76

Emotional due to stress at home, old friends contacting regarding gambling, sports result not going the way I want
Day 77
Day 78

22 days
Day 80

10 Days left which surprised me

Safe to say my counting down from 90 isn't great..
Day 80

I have been thinking about ways to repay my gambling debts in my head

The most recent idea I have had is to save the money then gamble it by investing in myself instead of gambling

That way I figure I will have learnt the lesson of the time it takes income wise and also will have replaced that addiction compulsion

That is just my idea at the moment, subject to changeability, but right now I am contented with a personal strategy for money management and replacing gambling on others with investing in myself

At least I have that long-term goal

I have been taking small action steps short term by using gambling money for food rewards and if a bet I'd normally place wins I try to react by for example placing a piece of art for sale at the similar price
Day 81

I have noticed that I no longer feel upset if a bet I normally put on wins

Also that it is a good reaction to, for example, sell art,

If my emotional attachment to my football team loses

This is as opposed to gambling or hedging

I am considering 90 days no sports

But I do feel I need the replacement set up first
Day 82

Just checking in

Worked out for one week
Day 83

7 days left

Thinking of things to do after the challenge is over. I am still having problems facing everything and money managing.

Right now one of my ideas is to do an online course. I also want to buy a book.

I am having problems justifying the expenditure.

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