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Shoebox's Story
It's nearly the four-year point on my journey to recovery. I just wanted to update my post.

 I look back over the four years and see how far I have come with my recovery, and progressive personality change, trying to be the person I want to be, not what my gambling illness made me.

Furthermore, I have become a Dad, had the courage to learn to ride a motorbike, secured employment at my dream job, studied academically and achieving a recognized qualification in the process.

All these things have been made possible due to the fact I went to that GA meeting 4 years ago and got some much need help, where all other avenues had failed. I would never of had the confidence and self belief to accomplish my genuine dreams.

Being able to pay for my child and pay all my bills every month, without lies and broken promises, is majestic.

I have still got a long way to go with my recovery, and still not the finished article by any means, but certainly far better place than I was 4 years ago.

I want to wish everyone all the best with their journeys through recovery, I was in a rut I NEVER thought I would get out of, but there is plenty of light at the end of the tunnel now.

In Unity
My name is Martin, I am a compulsive gambler, my last bet was 29.9.2017. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things that I can, and wisdom to know the difference.

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