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I am new to this site. I have become addicted to online casinos, I have blown so much money I feel sick about it.

I need to stop I know that but I just don’t know how. I start every day saying I won’t gamble but by lunch time I find myself itching to get home and get online.

Help please

Have you looked into going to your nearest GA meeting, using internet and computer gambling blockers, and counseling to help you out with your gambling addition?

There is also a 20 question test on this website, which for me was a real eye-opener, because I never thought my problem was not that bad, but I scored a 17/20.

I found what helped me in the early days, was giving financial control to someone I trusted, it took the ammo away from me when I had the urge to gamble.

With myself, I found being honest to close family members and friends about my gambling problem, made me feel better and there was support, which I really found helpful.

I have been going to a GA meeting once a week since October 2017, I have now got a sponsor and going through the 12 steps of recovery with them, because I am gonna have the compulsive gambling illness the rest of my life, it will always be looking for an opportunity to strike me when my guard is down, and I want the most amount of protection the GA program can offer me.

Boogle, there is hope and help out there, it took me 16 years to do something about my compulsive gambling, and lost a lot of good relationships, friends and time along the way, but since I reached out for help, my life has got better and I feel part of this world again.

There is also the chat room which you can talk to other compulsive gamblers, and some excellent literature on the website you can download for free, I highly recommend the "towards the first 90 days of recovery" and the "Question and Answers about the problem of compulsive gambling and the GA recovery" or the (orange book) for short.

Please feel free to keep posting on this post, with anymore questions, how you're feeling and your progress, you in return could help another compulsive gambler by doing this.

In Unity
My name is Martin, I am a compulsive gambler, my last bet was 29.9.2017. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things that I can, and wisdom to know the difference.

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